Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jenny Zubricky CRS 205 Fall 2010 Recommend the class?

I can honestly say that I have aleady recommended this class to a few people; and the whole minor in general. I believe that these tools are a great way to improve anyone's education. I agree, it was a bit scary to open myself up, but it overall put me in the right direction. Even if students are not interested in taking either of the minors that this course introduces, it is still a perfect elective to take. The "Person" unit really took me by surprise, it gave me time to work on myself, and learn the tools to further my education and keep my goals in sight. In the past I would get frustrated very easily and decide too early that I couldn't do something. Learning the CPS model, and taking the assessments that I did really helped me past that.

Now that the semester is almost over, I can confidently and correctly explain what these classes are really about. My friends were having a hard time understanding why I was taking this class, and now things have changed. I truly hope that the people I recommended this class to will actually take it, and not just blow off my opinion. Taking this class has really given me a positive outlook on the classes I will be taking in the next few semesters.

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