Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dewayne Thomas CRS 302 Fall 2010

Poem on Creativity

Connecting the dots in a world that’s far beyond complex
The expressions of your mind intertwine with your soul
Let me paint your mind on the stars so everyone can see
It will be brilliant I bet, unique, not quite like the others
I will use your eyes to see what others can’t
Use your blood as paint, and your brain as the sponge
The world my easel, my canvas, my blank page
Let my imagination run wild, go far beyond this world
Unconventional, outside the box, no limitations
For I am not sheltered, for I am not the average
No boundaries, no roadblocks, no judgment
Diverge from the world and dream big Out of this universe
Complex beyond this world but connecting the dots
It’s called being creative!

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