Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ashley Klepadlo CRS 205 Fall 2010 I-log

If a student asked me whether they should take this course or not I would absolutely say that I recommend it. I am not saying this because I wouldn't want to bash the course before the final grades come out; I truly think this course is awesome. I especially would recommend it to anyone who was like me and thought they could never have a creative side to them.

I would explain to them that I didn't take this course because I needed it or because I am a creative person so I thought it would be an easy grade because neither of those is true. I think if you area creative person to begin with this course is great because it would only expand on that creativity. I, however, was the complete opposite. I needed another class so picked this one up as an elective because it was still open. On the first day of class, I had no idea what a class on creative studies was going to be like. After looking through the syllabus it kind of scared me because all of the I-logs and assignments involved creativity which was not my strong suite at all. As the course went on I began to like it more and more. You get to know your class and your professor. It's not like lecture halls where the professor will never know your name and you will never know anyone in your class because there is no interaction.

This class gets you involved, it gets you motivated to want to learn and attend class. When you go to class you don't know what to expect because you are doing something different every day and I love this about the class. I also would completely recommend it because it's helped me so much with being able to think outside the box and be creative. I know that this class and the skills I learned in it will greatly help me from here on out with my schooling, my career, and my way of life in general.

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