Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jenny Zubricky CRS 205 Fall 2010 What was learned?

This course has honestly changed me a great deal. I can say the same with my other creative studies class. Never before have I had a class where I could actually think about and work on myself. I am so used to just being a number in a lecture hall. It was eye opening for me to realize how I think and how I learn. I never really even thought myself to be a creative person. I was guilty of thinking that there was a certain gene of some sort that only specific people possessed. I now realize that I do have it in me and it was a great confidence booster.

I come from a great history of anxiety issues, and it hindered my social and academic development a great deal in high school. By working on myself this semester, I am definitely moving in the right direction for my future. Yes, I still get a great deal of anxiety at times, but I have gained an inner confidence that I never thought possible. I am creative, I am learning the tools, and I cannot wait to use them when I graduate. People are constantly asking me what creative studies actually is. At the beginniing of the semester I was honestly not able to properly define it. Now I can answer with pride and say that I will be meeting some of the authors of my textbooks in the near future. I don't think many people can actually say that. I look forward to taking more creative studies classes and working with the whole department.

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